8-Passenger Golf Cart Shuttle

An alternative to the lengtheir limo-style golf carts, our 8-Passenger Shuttles feature double the capacity in the same wheelbase.  An all-aluminum side saddle body seats passengers back-to-back rather than all facing forward thus reducing overall length and turning radius.

Available in both gas and electric power with a lengthy list of standard features and optional upgrades.  Built on the proven Yamaha Drive2 chassis.

Standard Features

LED front headlights

Battery meter / gas gauge

Rear view mirror

USB plugs (in dash)



Overall Length: 136 in (3.45 m)

Overall Width: 74 in (1.88 m)

Overall Height: 76.0 in (1.93 m)

Wheelbase: 98 in (2.49 m)

Front Wheel Tread: 35 in (89 cm)

Rear Wheel Tread: 38.7 in (98 cm)

Ground Clearance: 5.5 in (14 cm)

Dry Weight: 1400 lbs (636 kg)


Tire Size: 205/65-10 DOT (4 ply rating)

Seating Capacity:  8 passengers (includes driver)

Standard Features: Head/tail lights, horn, digital battery meter or gas gauge/hour meter

Warranty: Standard 2-year limited warranty


Frame:  HybriCore Chassis features a robotic welded ladder-style steel frame protected with a multi-step full-immersion phosphate treatment, electro-deposition epoxy-based coating, and an electostatic applied polyester/urethan powder topcoat

Body: Custom-formulated themoplastic olefin painted with a tow-part top coat of high-luster automotive-grade polyurethane

Steering: Self-compensating double reduction helical rack-and-pinion

Front Suspenion: Tru-Trak II fully independent automotive-style strut suspension

Rear Suspension: Unit swing arm with coil springs over hydraulic shock absorbers

Brakes: Self-adjusting mechanical, rear wheel drum brakes

Bumper: Front 5 mph energy-absorbing bumper


Engine Type: Yamaha-built 357 cc, low-emission single cylinder 60-degree incline OHV

Lubrication: Splash-style positive oil lubrication

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.8 US gal (22 liters)

Oil Capacity: 1 US Quart (1 liter, 1000 cc)

Air Cleaner: Two-stage, urethane-foam pre-cleaner, and high-capacity pleated paper cartridge

Cooling System: Forced Air

Fuel System: Electronic fuel injection

Starting System: Starter generator with pedal start system


Motor: 48-volt AC

Output Rating: 6.7 hp (5.0 kW)

Motor Control Unit: NEOS 350A controller by Toyota Industries Corp

Batteries: Six 8-volt Trojan T-875 batteries


Max Speed Adjustable: 19 mph (31 kph)

Minimum Turning Radius: 14.4 ft (4.39 m)