Custom Golf Carts

From time to time we get to take a break from our traditional product line and work on unique projects, typically sports-themed carts for special purposes.  Below you’ll find a gallery of some of our favorite projects.

Football Helmet Golf Cart

Nothing exudes team spirit quite like a 7-foot tall mobile golf cart helmet.  These are built to scale with custom paint to match team colors and an all aluminum face mask rail.  Can be customized for additional rear seating (see below) or storage compartments can be added for merchandise sales or giveaway/promotional items.

Orlando Magic Golf Cart

We had the privilege of working with the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation in providing a custom themed cart for their charity auction.  Nearly everything was customized on this cart, from the air-brushed painted job, to the custom seats, to the hardwood flooring.

UCF Custom Golf Cart

Black and gold throughout, this custom UCF themed golf cart features custom front and rear seating with air-brushed logos on both the front cowl and rear body.

University of Michigan Golf Cart

University of Michigan Golf Cart

This custom 6-Passenger cart is used by the University of Michigan to transport prospective athletes around their campus on tours.  A custom paint job with matching wheels and tires pairs with a long list of other features.